The Shippers Ep015 with Tim Hildred (midpoint check in)

S03 - The Shippers
S03 - The Shippers
The Shippers Ep015 with Tim Hildred (midpoint check in)

I’m Tim and I set out to interview ship30 creators in 30 (business) days. This is my entry for day 15.

I’ve been learning from a diverse bunch of shippers about how and why they show up online. They talked about writing, about social media, and about figuring out how to marry their participation in “the creator economy” with the rest of their lives. Here are 5 things that I’m going to try and apply from what they told me to make my online creation more authentic and effective.

If this episode helps you decide to jump aboard a Ship 30 for 30 cohort please consider signing up with this link as it helps me cover the (admittedly small) cost of putting these together.


Ship30 is a great place to “figure it out”

There are plenty of people who get started with no real idea why, or what they want to say. And that is absolutely fine.

A regular writing practice is a powerful skill no matter what ideas and concepts you feed into it or where what comes out winds up living. Most people have “something to say”, but actually don’t get to talk about it very often so it hasn’t been crystalized and developed yet.

Getting better at writing makes you better at almost everything else

If you’re a knowledge worker, you’re a writer.

People told me how the skills they learned from Ship30 helped them write better emails at work and even personal journal entries. Get better at telling compelling stories about the world as you see it.

Don’t sell “make money online”

At this point, it basically feels like a grift.

Most of the people who I spoke with so far that are earning money online are doing so by making a promise to their customers that has nothing to do with making money online. Learn how to express your thoughts visually. Learn to create effortlessly. Develop a daily writing habit. None of these offers make any promise that on the other side there is money waiting.

The real community isn’t in the tweets and replies

Tweets and replies are empty and meaningless on their own.

The real Ship30 community (and many other online communities) takes place in the DMs, in breakout sessions, in video calls, and in twitter spaces. Tweets and replies are too low resolution to build relationships if you aren’t participating in some of these other more high resolution forums.

Put hundreds of people together who are trying to make something happen online, they’ll make something happen

Ship30for30 is a wagon with a lot of momentum and space for lots of hitches

The defining characteristic of all my interactions with people in the community has been generosity. With time, with the benefit of the doubt, with skills. Don’t be afraid to take them up on it and be prepared to reply in kind.

Check back in next week to keep meeting new Shippers 

And we’ll all keep learning and pushing it forward together.

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