The Shippers Ep 031 with Brian O’Connor

S03 - The Shippers
S03 - The Shippers
The Shippers Ep 031 with Brian O'Connor

The Shippers is an interview series featuring alum who have completed at least one cohort and published at least 26/30 days during it. You’ll meet a new creator, hear how Ship 30 impacted the way they create online, and what they took away from the experience.

In this episode we meet Brian O’Connor, a business consultant trying to democratize strategy by making the knowledge and tools big companies have more accessible to the little guy on Twitter. Brian talked about realizing his writing was too logical and how he started to add emotion and resonance.

If this interview helps you decide to jump aboard a Ship 30 for 30 cohort please consider signing up with this link as it helps me cover the (admittedly small) cost of putting these together.

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