The New Stack Update with Libby Clark – The Newsletterers – The Tim Show – S02E04

Tim Hildred
Tim Hildred
The New Stack Update with Libby Clark - The Newsletterers - The Tim Show - S02E04

In episode 4 of The Newsletters I was lucky to get some time with Libby Clark of The New Stack Update. With a background in journalism, content marketing, and open source Libby has a unique perspective on building a content experience that is valuable to The New Stack’s audience and attractive to sponsors.

Libby shared what it’s like to work at a thriving publication in a time of struggle in the traditional publishing industry, working on a distributed team serving a distributed audience, and ways to put your voice into a newsletter that you’re producing on behalf of an organization.

In just under 30 minutes we covered:

  • how a newsletter can fit into a broader content strategy
  • why click through might be less important than open rate
  • some of elements of a successful issue (spoiler: big names and events from your community = big open rate)
  • how her team writes better headlines (hint: iterate with friends)
  • finding ways to interact with the audience in real life (rather than letting the relationship be mediated purely through technology)
  • being intentional about who you feature as a way of building a more equitable and representative community
  • keeping sponsored content from being gross
  • and more!

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