The First Attempt – Last week for this week – Volume 1 -September 11 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating a SoundCloud algorithm over the past couple of years. One of the things I noticed was that algorithmic listening makes music very ephemeral; rather than particular songs I’m often chasing a vibe. As a way of counteracting that and participating in the culture I’m going to try a regular playlist with microreviews (a term I’m pretty sure I’ve coined).

Grouf$ – GUCCI FLIP FLOPS /w Rinse Cycle

Bhad Bhabie makes me feel like anything is possible. The sound reminds me of the Hawaii-spoloitation records that can be found in abundance in thrift stores around the world; light and airy but this time with drums that knock. Play this at a BBQ if you want something deceptively meaty.

charme cellphone

Its been done to death, I know. But the vocals and jazz piano makes me feel safe; and when the drop comes I’m happy that there’s more. This is dinner music; sophisticated and not distracting.

ANTITESE Mine (Nilas X Zatan Flip)

This is a lazy romance, plenty of cliche but the beat lets you know he means it. Gyptian meets Flume, a tune for trying to get with someone when you aren’t thinking too clearly.

lostodyssey we’ve been saved ~

You are in a softly lit lobby, floors marble, walls mahogany, mirrors and inoffensive art everywhere. There is a ding, and the elevator opens; it is the sexiest elevator you’ve ever been in, and this song is playing.

Too Much Maya

The relentless march of a determined spirit is counterbalanced by some simple and thoughtful guitar. You don’t know where it is going or what it’s mission is, but you are pretty sure it is bigger than you.

WYLSE. pretty boy swag

As a pretty boy, I can relate. Takes it self so lightly that the swag settles on you and you have it; you are prettier for having listened.

PAX Electric Feel (Extended Mix)

This is the Tarzan-and-friends version of a classic; just different enough to make it feel new again, but similar enough to make me feel something like I felt when hearing it first (happy, sweaty, hopeful).

That’s it. If you enjoyed this, please follow me on SoundCloud, or even better follow the individual creators.

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