Screwed up covers – Last week for this week – Volume 3 – Oct 17 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating a SoundCloud algorithm over the past couple of years. As a way of participating in the culture I’m going to try a regular playlist with microreviews (a term I’m pretty sure I’ve coined). Here are 7 tracks I listened to last week to get you through to the end of this week. This one’s covers, slow ups, and keys, and pretty wild drops.


Less melodic, more grimey, and easier to dance to than the original. It also elevates the ad-libs to where they should be (know that).

Dretty Pope STARS

It picks up speed like a train leaving the station and then you’re chugging along, uplifted by whatever stringed instrument is plucking away so airily. Diversions give way to momentum, and the Khalid sample at the end makes it feel like the soundtrack to a romantic relationship montage.

Tate Prophet Aminé – Caroline (Cover)

Blown out, slowed down, and differently funky than the original. From start to finish you’ve got hip hop, surf rock, a rocking organ solo, and then an almost hoedown style clap out.

minthaze Stüssy

This made me feel the same way I did when I first heard Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By: cool and sneaky like a rich person stealing something priceless for kicks.

C Y G N Color Shade

The sample at the beginning made me think of Telepop music and then the beat drops and it gets darker. The track has the unresolved tension of an argument with someone you like a lot but probably won’t see for a long time.

autumn keys Evening Thoughts

A slowdance with a stranger in the dining car of a luxury passenger train. The piano is old timey, the sax is relaxing, and the drums are tight.

west1ne used to know

When the original version of this tune was number 1 of The Hottest 100 (good God, 2011!) it felt like a double win; it was a sick song, and it was from the home team. I’ve had a soft spot for it ever since and this cover fits right into that spot. Chopped, screwed, with a dubstep drop, it makes me wistful for a time when a bunch of my hometown was underwater.

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