The slow way is the fast way – The Tim Show S01E01

The Tim Show - Season 1
The Tim Show - Season 1
The slow way is the fast way - The Tim Show S01E01

What did sushi a say to sushi b? Wassabi! (listen, its funnier)

I’m Tim, a product marketing manager at an enterprise software company with an open source development model.  I’ve been selected to participate in a 1 to 2 year leadership development program in the APAC region. A year passes both quickly and slowly; this show is a way to both share what I’m learning and see how far I’ve come.

This episode is all about “the slow way is the fast way” (paradoxes make for great content by providing a clickable title and the impression of wisdom).

A slow start

One of the things I’ve been finding as my project team moves through the mission we’ve been set upon is not only that things move slower than you want them to but that if you look around and pay attention when you’re doing things the slower way, you can often figure out the right way to speed things up.

By way of an example; part of our project involved producing some collateral to share an idea with. Our company has 2 existing processes for producing that collateral; the faster way and the slower way. The faster way has more gatekeepers; the slower way is… slower.

Our project got directed into the slower lane; and that got me down at first. However, as a show of good faith and to see what I might learn and who I might meet, I rolled with it.  One of the people who I was connected with made an offhanded comment about someone who had a similar objective to our group project and wasn’t it a shame that person wasn’t on the call. When I followed up with that person it turned out that she wanted a very similar outcome to what we did, and was happy to use her influence to try and get us past the gatekeepers into the “fast lane”.

Surreptitiously accelerated

Had I not gone “the slow way” I would have never gotten to go the fast way, which would have led to a worse project and ultimately customer outcome.

A challenge I’d set for future Tim is: what things in your life are going slower than you want them to now; what are you not paying enough attention to in that situation that might help you get a better outcome?

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