Not used to all the changes – Last week for this week – Volume 6 – Feb 6 2019

I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating a SoundCloud algorithm over the past couple of years. As a way of participating in the culture I’m going to try a regular playlist with microreviews (a term I’m pretty sure I’ve coined). Here are 7 tracks I listened to last week to get you through to the end of this week. This one’s got liquid triphop, classic house, and Brazilian guitar.

2047 blessings/curses

A stranger moistly whispers something barely intelligible in your ear. While you attempt to process what she said the beat drops river relentless, quick moving along the banks driving reeds and eddies through dense woods and open pasture. You ride it, rapids and all in a canoe made of tension slowly dissolving into the dreamy peace that exists in all of us.

VESHZA quiet w/ Dolly Ave

Torn between the drive towards self sufficiency and the strong desire to be seen, heard and understood; the cool sweetness of ice wine and the warm depth of a coffee porter; twilight and dawn. Whoever and wherever you are, she is singing for and about you.

Archetype – Hidden

One of the fears that animates the little tragedies in every relationship is that you’ll be made to look stupid. From the ominous opening bell through the old school jungle base line this track sets that fear against the hope that this time will be different, that if we stay in it we can get past our fears to something better.

Gus Martins Orange Hill

An auditory mint julep, as low stakes and relaxing as bocce under the purple drapes of jacarandas in October. The delicately fingered guitar is well supported by whimsical vocal samples and some slightly mathy drums.

Madijuwon Precious Things 

A song about your personal responsibility to dance your ass off from a producer possessed by some kind of 90s house demon. It’s got plucked bass, arpeggiated melodic percussion, and a vocal sample with no clear words but a clear business mentality.

Ooze – “Happy Daze”

Sippin fancy ginger ale on a patio at a summer time jazz festival somewhere with very low humidity. The patio has enough people to buzz but you don’t feel crowded. Old heads and youngsters alike are nodding their heads for slightly different reasons (R&B samples and glitch, respectively).

skullkid – before the fall (w/, ujuu & connor allen)

Turn your back on the darkness; embrace the light. You can never have again what you had before; weep for it and move on. You’re stronger now and faster, wiser and more free. Laugh at your enemies and hold tight to your lover; tomorrow we ride.

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