Mo bounce – Last week for this week – Volume 2 – Sept 20 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating a SoundCloud algorithm over the past couple of years. As a way of participating in the culture I’m going to try a regular playlist with microreviews (a term I’m pretty sure I’ve coined). Here are 7 tracks I listened to last week to get you through to the end of this week. This one’s got bounce, cinematics, sex appeal and cheese.

deathbyromy Don’t Fall For Monsters

This is a Bond song for the SoundCloud generation; the kind of music a building burns down to while an attractive but withdrawn person watches wearing dark (designer) sunglasses. Also, “don’t fall for monsters” is solid relationship advice. Also also, don’t burn down any buildings to this song.

OmarCameUp Snake Eater. w/ N3KO

This is a glitched out anime-videogame-breakbeats mashup with all my favourite trap samples (yup!). It manages to be both airy and earthy; pitch shifted vocals in the clouds, and the bass from deep underground. Put the top down and go for a ride (or whatever the regular person equivalent to that is).

knapsack 620

A whimsical sounding song about life transitions and becoming someone else. It’s got glitch, it’s got bounce, and for some reason I want to say a Scandinavian pop vibe. It is good reminder that it is important to make time for fun when things are falling a part.

sulu absinthe

This song is a New York club tour with the coolest person you could imagine. Each bar they take to you is unique, full of sexy people and has a delightful signature drink. At the end you’re sad that this tour guide doesn’t exist and you’re all alone.

Dayne Jordan – Enormous (oJ. Remix)

Big boasts, big shout outs, big big boom bap. Favourite lines: “this little line is gonna shine in the darkness” (sang the same songs in Sunday School as me); “I can’t get jiggy with social media because I’m antisocial” (Kudos for fighting the best).

jives – Playground

Two gods meet on a wooded mountain top. They study each other cautiously; the tension builds until one of them throws a chessboard on the ground. What ensues is a high stakes chess game with real world consequences for mere mortals like you and I.

Lu & Sowlmate – Hopeful Words (Alex Brandt Remix)

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for well produced commercial house; Avicci’s ghost (RIP) probably approves of the sample in this one. This tune would play as well at a (progressive) rodeo as at a beach-side backpackers hostel. Disclaimer: I’ve never been to either of those things.

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