A tropical winter – Last week for this week – Volume 5 – Nov 7 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating a SoundCloud algorithm over the past couple of years. As a way of participating in the culture I’m going to try a regular playlist with microreviews (a term I’m pretty sure I’ve coined). Here are 7 tracks I listened to last week to get you through to the end of this week. This one’s got reggae, mad catchy organ, and some beachy feelings.

George Spits Shwag Muffin

The intro to this cracked me up. And then it was a straight up and down West Coast reggae tune about how sometimes the people we’re closest to in our lives understand us the least, and the unique costs an artist pays to be part of society. And the rest of the (free) album is (also) fire.

💖Boy Jugo💖comfy

If Final Fantasy 7 were a different game where instead of being an ecoterrorist Cloud had to set up a Cabana Bar on a chocobo-filled tropical island, this would be the theme song of that game.

DAMN SON! Young Citrus – Feels Like

The opening has the sweetness of a high school dance or late night car ride with your friends before anything really starts getting you down. The bridge almost gets to a dancehall rhythm before giving way to a sublime glitchyness and wa-wa-wa-wa-wa off into the sunset.

Dretty Pope im in the middle of my exams lmao

This one’s moody off the jump. The first thump of the bass is like when you time a gear switch perfectly and blow past someone on a traffic light change, and the rest of the tune keeps up the pace.


A crunchy cloud forms on the surface of a distant lake where the ethereal call of a loon is waking you up from a sweet dream about dropping into a half-pipe that can never hurt you.

ELK Seashore ft. BoaZ

French gypsy meets trapped out G-wagon baller. They talk about the sea, the pain of love lost, and the joy of dancing until the sun comes up.


Smooth like the shards of a broken 40 once worn down by the movement of water over 1000 years.

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